How Copper Jewelry Wins the Love From Women

The discovery of copper can be dated back to 10,000 years ago according to the research. Copper crafts came into the world as early as the period of Babylonian civilizations. Therefore copper jewelry has been worn for ages. It has been adorned by people for its physical characteristics, positive influence on health, affordable price and easy and simple care and cleaning for copper jewelry etc.

Physical characteristics

There is no doubt that copper has its own advantages as the widely used material in jewelry making. This may has much to do with its exclusive luster and color. It has a warm tone and naturally flatters any skin tone. Those who like earthy, ethnic look can find what they want from copper jewelry. Sometimes, it also adds some additives including manganese or iron or zinc etc in order to strength the characteristics of copper.

Apart from its unique color and luster, copper also enjoys great toughness and versatility, which contributes to various design on the jewelry. As a matter of fact, copper jewelry is often treated as fashion jewelry or vintage jewelry for its color and exclusive and versatile design.

Positive influence on health

Copper has a long history of use in the realm of health. The ancient Egyptians used them to purify water for drinking. It is also used as a form of medicine for eye infections and so on. The fact that wearing this kind of jewelry can alleviate the pain of arthritis is promoted by both jewelers and wearers. What’s more, it is said that copper is beneficial in the diet and good for blood circulation. However, there is no solid evidence to confirm these claims. Anyway, it plays a positive role in people’s life.

Affordable price

Compared to gold, silver and pearl jewelry, copper jewelry is relatively cheap. As the fashion jewelry, it is must be affordable and trendy. Twenty dollars can buy one elegant and fashionable necklace. At this price, even teenagers can afford to buy multiple pieces to accessorize the various outfits in their wardrobes.

Simple cleaning and care

With time going on, oxidation may happen to the copper jewelry. So if you don’t wear the copper jewelry, you are strongly advised that store it in an airtight area to avoid tarnish. There is the good news for people whose want to clean and restore to the jewelry’s original shine. With some common household items and efforts, the jewelry can be as beautiful as before. Here I’ll tell you the basic steps to clean the jewelry. First and foremost, make a solution out of warm water, a few drops of lemon or lime juice and a teaspoon of salt. Mix them thoroughly. Then, put the jewelry into the solution for a couple of minutes. Later, take it out and rinse it before drying it with a soft cloth. If the copper jewelry contains precious gemstones, please use ketchup and a soft toothbrush to remove tarnish. It is quite simple, isn’t it?

Due to the above-mentioned merits of it, copper jewelry receives popularity in the market. You may don’t believe the health benefits, but you can not deny that it offers great aesthetic value.